The earth is warming up, biodiversity is decreasing drastically and the living environment of people all over the world is under pressure. This is mainly due to the large amount of raw materials we use for products, energy and food. A circular economy is necessary for a future livable planet. With an economic system based on circular principles, the planet and communities can flourish. 

The transition to a circular economy is comprehensive and complex. The challenges are numerous and closely intertwined. We will only succeed if everyone is involved. If governments, knowledge institutions, businesses and citizens share knowledge and experiences and collaborate on joint questions and challenges. We aim to strengthen this collaboration. We love to work together on concrete and innovative projects in education, research and events.

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The topics we work on always come from conversations with people, companies and organizations who, just like us, are looking for a society based on a circular economy. Are you also looking for circular solutions? Join us. We like to work together in concrete projects where we get to know each other, inspire and find solutions together.