About us

Who are we?

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability is a multidisciplinary Research and Education centre in which three Dutch Universities join forces: Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam.  

Our knowledge & Innovation Hubs

Our knowledge and innovation hubs form the core of our centre. A hub is an open research programmes that connect master students, researchers, municipalities and businesses in the field of circular economy in the province of Zuid-Holland.  We have three focus areas: circular cities, circular horticulture and circular industries.  Every focus area contain one or more hubs. 

What we offer to master students

  • Write a master thesis with impact
  • Interdisciplinary research groups
  • Extra training and courses
  • Access to a network of researchers and organisations

What we offer to organisations

  • Top-students from the universities Leiden, Delft and Erasmus
  • Formulating scientific research questions that results from your knowledge request
  • Ongoing involvement in research projects
  • Extra supervision of the research projects. 

How a hub is structured

In our hub we work demand driven. Every hub has its own hub coordinator who reaches out to our partners. Together they formulate the scientific research themes that results from their knowledge and innovation request.  Theses themes form the framework in which the master students can conduct their master thesis research. 

We work interdisciplinary: in a hub we welcome students from different backgrounds to work together on research projects. At regular hub meetings, we encourage students to work together, give each other feedback and share their knowledge. 

 More on our hubs & living labs

Demand driven




In order to make the circular economy a reality, we need interdisciplinary research and solutions matching current demands from the market. We need to understand the barriers and challenges we face in the transition from the people who are facing them every day. Moreover, the complexity of these challenges, asks for a systematic and interdisciplinary approach. We need professionals and scientists who are ready to take on these challenges. Therefore, our students need to get the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice, to experience extra curricular activities and to learn from other disciplines. 

Unique position and strengths

The Centre for Sustainability was founded as one of eight joint centres as part of the Strategic Alliance between the three universities. Collaboration in the Centre for Sustainability leverages the complementary strengths of the three universities in the fields of governance, technology and business.