Circular Industries

Industries in the Netherlands are responsible for about one third of Dutch greenhouse gas emissions. The ambition is to make the industry as good as fully circular by 2050, with 49 percent fewer emissions by 2030. An industry without producing emissions or waste. What does it take to get there? 

Circular Industries

When materials will continue to be in circulation in the future, which raw materials should we use and where will they come from? What does this mean for product design? Which techniques, rules and business models should we use to keep materials in use for longer? What does a circular industry ask from consumers, chain partners and governments? And: how do we ensure that this transition will benefit everyone? Scientists are looking for answers, together with industry, governments and citizens, working together on topics such as: circular strategies, circular energy, circular electronics, sustainable hospitals, sustainable aviation.

Circular Industries Talks

Join our Circular Industries Talks, every second Wednesday of the month. Here we share academic research and knowledge from Leiden, Delft, and Erasmus universities, and provide in a platform for researchers from universities, businesses and other organizations, focusing on topics such as resource use, resilient, responsible and sustainable supply chains, material technology, product design, transition management and governance circularity. 

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