Circular Cities

The Cities Hub

The province of Zuid-Holland is a highly urbanised area.  When we talk about circular Zuid-Holland, cities play an important role. In the Cities Hub, we research how the cities of the future will look like and what technical and social innovations are needed in order to create a healthy and sustainable environment for people. 

Cities Programme

"In the Cities Programme, we focus on how innovations can be integrated in the streets and neighbourhoods of cities, aiming to an inclusive and sustainable society."

Research Themes

Our research is focused on the spatial and social implications of the circular economy.  These are our research themes:

  • Spatial implementations and urban planning.
  • Social interaction, inclusion and participation.
  • Circular and inclusive governance and business models.

    What can you expect as a student?

    • Learn how to present your work to stakeholders. 
    • Working on real cases that come from municipalities and companies

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