Our global population is growing and more and more people are moving into cities. All these people need access to healthy and safe food, so food production needs to increase. However, there is already a major pressure on the sustainability of our current food systems. How do we sustainably feed our future world? The challenge is to transform the current food system into a sustainable system: from definition, design to implementation.


With partners from the food and agricultural sector, we combine scientific knowledge with the day-to-day practice for sustainable food systems. For example: how can agri-food chains become transparent and the sector standardize and financially reward new sustainable values?

We collaborate with renowned Leiden-Delft-Erasmus institutes, such as: the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) in Leiden, the AgTech Institute in Delft, the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Rotterdam School of Management, and bring leading knowledge in the field of environmental impact assessments, closing of nutrient cycles, innovation in agri-food technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability transitions, business administration and value chain analysis we create relevance throughout the complete value chain of the agri-food system. From soil to breeding, growing, processing, logistics, retail, foodservice and the consumption of food.

We work on topics such as: circular horticulture, protein transition, global south, sustainable value chains, scenario analysis, carbon credits and natural capital accounting and vertical farming.