Karel Jenis

Job title

Karel Jenis, the chairman of the LDE CfS Student Board, is originally from Czech Republic but has been living in the Netherlands for over 7 years. He is enthusiastic about sustainability and ecology, which he pursues in his personal life and through his master in Industrial Ecology at Leiden University and TU Delft. Being the chairman of the Centre for Sustainability Students allows him to contribute to this cause and gives him the opportunity to learn in practice by organizing events and working with professionals from the field. Besides, he enjoys playing guitar, salsa, writing poems and reading books about psychology, philosophy and history.

My interest in sustainability comes from an old memory at an ecological camp as a child and learning about the greenhouse effect at the elementary school. For many years I have forgotten about the topic, however during my bachelor studies, I have become more and more aware of the climate change and deteriorating state of the environment. Despite my study not being focused on sustainability and climate change, I had a natural inclination for this topic and I was surprised that there weren't many more students interested in the topic. When the time came for me to choose a master study, it was almost without thinking that I chose to go for my master in Industrial Ecology, as it fitted my previous education and future ambitions in the field of sustainability and climate change.

Sustainability Tip

If there is something I could advise my fellow students who would like to get more involved in sustainability it would be this: There are many problems regarding climate change, some are directly related to our behaviour such as consumption patterns, and some are harder to influence such as national energy systems. In any case, there is always something you can do, whether it is buying less, eating less meat, buying second-hand clothes, or helping with a clean-up, or going for a climate activist demonstration. If you don't know where to begin, start with something that is close to you.


Karel Jenis