Do you want to deepen your knowledge of a sustainability challenge in your organization together with graduating master students? Become a case holder for our Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab!

Commission an Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab 

  • Program: a tailor made program
  • Duration: six months, between February – July
  • Preparation time: June – January
  • Students: interdisciplinary group of Leiden, Delft and Erasmus master thesis students
  • Costs: there are costs involved, we can tell you more during a meeting
  • Examples: have a look at previous Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs.  

What is an Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab?

A half-year program for graduating master students at Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities. Around 10 students work together on a real-life interdisciplinary sustainability challenge.

  • Each student works on an individual thesis related to the sustainability challenge (11 to 30 weeks fulltime). The students are supervised by their own university.
  • In a half-year program students learn about the interdisciplinary context in 12 bi-weekly meetings of approximately 2,5 hours each. We invite the case holder(s), professionals and researchers to reflect on the challenge together with the students.
  • By the end of the lab, the students combine their knowledge in an interdisciplinary result.
  • The Lab is supervised by a LDE academic coordinator and LDE Centre for Sustainability staff.

Why join as a case holder?

  • A tailor-made program for your sustainability challenge.
  • Deepen your knowledge on an interdisciplinary sustainability challenge in your organization. 
  • Work together with a diverse team of talented graduating students.
  • Get in touch with experts in the field and researchers of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities.

 Submit a challenge

  • Possible topics: circular industries, agrifood or cities and regions
  • The challenge includes several disciplines, such as: natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, design, law, health, economics, management, humanities and philosophy.
  • All year round we are open to discuss opportunities for a Lab. We take 8 months to prepare a Lab. In June we need to know the challenges, in order to start the program in February. We start recruiting students in September. 

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