Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs

Are you a master thesis student and do you want to contribute to sustainability? Join the Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs 22/23 of LDE Centre for Sustainability! In the academic year 22/23 we organize four labs (see below). Find out more about the conditions for enrolment and the selection procedure and the lab program 22/23. Apply now until October 23 2022!

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Together with a team of 10-12 Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities students you work on a sustainability challenge set by an external organization. You work on your individual thesis related to the challenge and follow a half year lab program, running from February to July 2023. In 12 bi-weekly sessions you gain insight into the interdisciplinary context of the challenge and how you can contribute to this challenge as a young leader.

The program helps you in your thesis process and prepares you for a career in sustainability. It gives you the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary group of likeminded students where you can learn from each other and exchange visions, work methodologies, confront ideas, etc. You will meet professionals in the field, relevant academic experts, follow workshops and join excursions. Not only will you write a thesis report with your individual results, but together with your thesis group, you will create an interdisciplinary result for the sustainability challenge you all have been working on. The lab is supervised by an ‘academic coordinator’. This is an LDE-researcher working in the field of the sustainability challenge of the lab. At the end of the lab, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Circular AviationSustainable Hospitals

Sustainable HorticultureCircular Built Environment


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