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The Greenport Hub has 4 themes in which you can graduate. We have listed the topics per theme, in order to help you finding the perfect match.  If you are interested in these kind of research,  you can contact the Greenport Hub Coordinator Coen Hubers:

Graduating in the Greenport Hub means that we will provide you a network, an interdisciplinary research hub and we help you in formulating your research question. 

Digitization would help the farmer to increase the production efficiency by using:

  • Indoor and Remote Sensing
  • Climate Controlled Greenhouses
  • Automated Crop Harvesting
  • Hyperspectral Quality Control

In order to decrease the environmental footprint, Circularity will play an important role in future food production.

  • Recycling of inedible plant parts
  • Create biodegradable products
  • Restructure energy supply
  • Sustainable water management

The influence of plant based food on the health of human beings is being underrated and should be studied to determine an ideal diet.

  • Determine plant influence on a molecular level
  • Find plant ingredients that could replace pharmaceutical products
  • Study food patterns of demographic groups
  • Plant influence on state of mind

The previous themes can all be combined to create a city with an integrated food supply chain: The Sustainable Urban Delta.

  • Integration of dataflows (IoT)
  • Optimized Logistics
  • Urban Farming
  • Connected Material and Energy flows
  • Case Studies in Asia, Africa and Latin America  

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