Circular Innovation Hubs

Meaningful research opportunities for students 

The hubs form the core of our organisation. The hubs offer students the master thesis topics and internships directly connected to external stakeholders. Our hubs aim to:

  1. Formulate demand driven research topics together with external stakeholders
  2. Allow students to put their knowledge into practice.
  3. Educate student to professionals who are able to tackle interdisciplinary challenges 

The hubs are the bridge between science and practice: organisations and students and scientist cooperate together to formulate research questions regarding the transition towards a circular economy. The hubs are the dynamic centers where demand-driven innovation is born!

The three hubs

We have three hubs, each cover a part of the circular economy. 

  1. Resilient City Hub: focuses on material flows and stocks within a city and the city in its planetary boundaries. 
  2. The Greenport City: focuses on the new role of the horticulture sector in a circular economy - frombiobased materials to health and food. 
  3. The Inclusive City Hub: focuses on the question how to create a society where people actively participate in the solutions for a circular economy. 

You are always welcome to join the hub as an organisation or student.

The Hubs

The Inclusive City Hub

Happy city hub

The Inclusive City Hub is centered around the intrinsic motivation behind a circular economy. Learn more!

The Resilient City Hub

Resilient city hub

The Resilient City Hub is centered around the creation of a resilient, future proof, circular and sustainable regional economy. Learn more

The Greenport Hub

BioBased hub

The Greenport Hub is centered around the new role of the horticulture sector in the circular economy.  Learn more!