Circular Innovation Hubs

Innovation hubs as boost for a circular economy

We believe that knowledge and innovation trigger change. Through our Circular Innovation Hubs we aim to boost innovation for a circular economy by connecting organisations with students. On the one hand, we believe that we need more scientific research for innovations. On the other hand, we believe that students need more input from society to know what the biggest challenges are when it comes to circular economy. In short: the hubs are the dynamic centres where demand-driven innovation is born! You are always welcome to join the hub as an organisation or student.

The Hubs

The Happy City Hub

Happy city hub

The Happy City Hub is centred around the intrinsic motivation behind a circular economy. Learn more!

The Resilient City Hub

Resilient city hub

The Resilient City Hub is centred around the creation of a resilient, future proof, circular and sustainable regional economy. Learn more

The Greenport Hub

BioBased hub

The Greenport Hub is centred around the potential contribution of the horticulture sector to the circular economy.  Learn more!