Verena Jung

Job title

Hey! My name is Verena, I am 25 years old and originally from Germany. After being the treasurer of CfS Students for one year, I am excited to take over the role of Chairperson.

Last year I moved to the Netherlands to study the Master Governance of Sustainability at Leiden University. I am especially interested in the organisation and management of the transition to a more sustainable society by integrating both individuals but also large institutions and companies. I am curious about people's motivations and passions to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Thus, I look forward to creating a space where like-minded people can connect. 

As I grew up close to the Alps, I love being out in nature and hiking the mountains. Seeing the direct effects of climate change there made me think of how I can live more sustainably. I love to shop second-hand and stroll through vintage shops in the Netherlands. I've already found so many unique pieces - it is such a great way to give clothes and furniture a new life. Besides that I enjoy hosting dinners for my friends and trying new dishes with local, vegetarian and fresh products. Generally,  I always try to question my consumption and live as circularly as possible.

As the chair my responsibility is to ensure that the board works efficiently and everyone gets along well. My main tasks are: implementing a strategy, leading meetings and connecting LDE CfSS with students and professionals across all three universities. Lastly, I oversee the board's actions and progress and make sure that we create fun and educational events for students throughout the year.


Vera Jung - A white woman with dark blond hair and wearing a a marina blue jacket. Her head is tilted and she is wearing a nose ring.