Mrinal Chaudhury

Job title
Social Media Manager

Hi, I am Mrinal Chaudhury. I am aged 23 yrs old ( going to 24). I come from India and I study Integrated Product Design at TU Delft. I am here because I am extremely passionate about Sustainability and Circular Economy, which I want to be involved in through my professional and personal endeavours. Beyond my studies, I really enjoy beaches, travelling and engaging with locals, cooking, painting and writing.

Sustainability, as implied by its literal meaning, is not an option but an absolute necessity! The best sustainability tip I ever got was not even about sustainability - It was to go minimalistic and frugal in life! 

Sustainability Tip

Decluttering, purging down to basics and only buying/owning/renting things you will use atleast once in 90 days! If you don't, you don't have to have it! I tried this for 1.5 yrs starting on my 21st Birthday, and limited my non biodegradable waste to just a  jar a month. It has saved me my peace of mind, massive amount of money and I hope a little bit of the environment I live in.


A brown girl in a white short and a printed skirt outside standing in grass. She is carrying her black blazer over her left arm.