Joshua Zimmerman

Job title
Creative Manager

Hi! I’m Josh (Joshua). I am 25, study cultural anthropology & development sociology and like making music & photography! I’ll be taking over the creative side of things at the CFS student board! I’m a 3rd year anthropology student at Leiden University and within my programme I focused on sustainability. My last year’s research project looked into the sustainable usage of the Dutch North Sea, with a focus on small fisheries. I’m enthusiastic about sustainability as I believe that with the right approach we can live in balance with the natural resources that are available to us.

Sustainability Tip

My sustainability tip for the Netherlands is to check your local kringloop (a 2nd hand store) for almost anything you would usually buy new, such as clothes, furniture or books.


Joshua Zimmerman. A white man with curly hair standing on top of the mountain. He is making a rock sign with his left hand in front of his face.