Holly Thomas

Job title
Communications Manager

Hello everyone! I'm Holly, a 24 year old masters student from the U.K.! I'm in my last year of Governance of Sustainability at Leiden, prior to which I studied literature at Edinburgh - so a big shift in subject! Aside from my studies and sustainability, I love team sports and exercising my creative, arty side. I'm looking forward to seeing how the LDE CfS for Students can grow this year!

The topic of sustainability is weaving itself into the fabric of everyday life. For me, acting sustainably and promoting awareness gives a greater purpose of being that extends beyond oneself. 

Sustainability Tip

My top sustainability tip: Make it a gradual process! Set a day, a week or a month (!) to implement a sustainable change into your lifestyle. E.g. going vegan, taking only sustainable transport, zero plastic groceries. By having an end in sight, the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle can be made less daunting.


Holly Thomas - A portret of a blond girl with a scarf around her neck and a black long shirt on.