Hedda Peters

Job title
Creative Manager

Hi! I’m Hedda, the new Creative Manager of LDE Centre for Sustainability Students! I’m 23 years old, and I’m studying Cultural Anthropology in Leiden. I’m really interested in socio-political issues, which is why I followed minors in gender- and conflict studies. Growing up in the countryside, I’ve always felt a strong connection to nature and soon started to be interested in sustainability. I firmly believe that although big corporations and industries have a massive impact on the environment and should be held responsible for preserving it, it is also the small individual steps that count. Therefore, I try to reduce plastic waste as much as possible, and mostly cycle or take the train to go places. I love cooking seasonal vegan meals with my friends, and I’m the biggest second-hand and flea market shopping lover. Reach out to me for some kringloopwinkel tips! Other than sustainability I’m very much interested in film, and I love everything art-related from photography to theatre and of course (graphic) design. Generally, I enjoy raising awareness about political issues (in the broadest sense) through art and visual media. As the Creative Manager, I will be responsible for everything visual concerning CfS Students, and I’m super excited for that!
I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at our upcoming events in Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam!

Sustainability tip:

My top sustainability tip: buy your fruit and veggies at the market! You can reduce plastic waste and support local farmers. Also, check out all the amazing kringloopwinkels here in the Netherlands! If you go often enough you can find almost everything you might need, from clothing to kitchen ware and furniture. 

Another tip: don't be too hard on yourself. Every baby step counts.

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