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Ashley Richard Longman is the researcher on the 'Doughnut Economy & Citizenship for a Sustainable Zuid-Holland' project at the Cities Hub and will be working closely together with with Saskia  Ruijsink.  He  has  a  background  in  International  Public Management  and  Policy  (Public  Administration).  For  the  last  7 years he has been tutoring, lecturing, and conducting research at the  Erasmus  University  Rotterdam,  Vrije  Universeit  Amsterdam, and the Hague University of Applied Sciences. He's excited to work on this innovative and exploratory research project with the aim to understand how the province he's lovingly called home for the last 11 years can be transformed into a sustainable region that protects both its citizens and the planet.

Feel free to get in touch with Ashley should you have any questions about the research or any ideas about a possible collaboration.

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