Introducing the LDE CfS Student board 2020/2021

LDE CFS Student Board 2020/2021Hello everyone,

We are the 6 members from the LDE CfS Student board working together to connect students from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our main purpose is to educate sustainability and connect students to experts in de field. We aim to create enthusiasm and awareness about sustainability and the circular economy through multiple events. Moreover, we attract students to write their thesis within the Centre for Sustainability Labs.

This academic year has been different since most of the activities are happening online. We have seen this situation as an opportunity to organize events with a much larger audience of students from different universities, some even from outside the Netherlands!


Despite the COVID-19 regulations, we were able to organise a number of events. Some of our most recent events include:

Tomorrow's hospital food - Banner“Tomorrow’s hospital food: towards a tasty, healthy and sustainable patient diet.” - a workshop given by Jonah Link from Dr2 New Economy. This workshop was part of the Day of Sustainability symposium organized by GreenTU and a number of sustainability associations from the Delft University of Technology.


Where do used clothes goThe second edition of the CfS Docubate was entitled "Where do used clothes go? Exploring the issues of textile waste and circularity in the fashion industry”. A documentary screening of Goodwill Dumping followed by a panel discussion with 3 experts from different backgrounds.


Conscious holiday “Conscious Holidays” - a social event for which we partnered with 5 other student associations (GreenTU, GOSSA, Act Aware, VSA, IESA Shift). Each association was in charge of creating a workshop in which participants could learn about sustainable gifting ideas and re-using items at home as Christmas decorations.

 De Pandemie en de Planeet"De Pandemie and de Planeet" Organised by us and IFMSA. Is sustainability the key to combating future pandemics. A panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Diederik Gommers, Philip Elders and Femke van Walrooij. Which will address the current pandemic and how the current pandemic is related to sustainability. 


Written by: The LDE CfS Student Board 2020/2021
Edited by: Deborah Sumter

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