Apply for the LDE Bachelor Honours Programme ‘Sustainability'

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world? The new Bachelor Honours Programme ‘Sustainability’(15 EC) is organized by a joint initiative of the Honours Academies of Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the LDE Centre for Sustainability. This unique interdisciplinary programme is offered for talented and curious second- and third-year Bachelor students who want an additional challenge and look beyond the bounds of their own degree programme.

During the ‘Fundamentals’ (5 EC) you will learn all about sustainability as a scientific field. You will learn about systems thinking, discuss a range of design methods for system transitions, social and environmental change, and debate how we can accelerate global sustainability transitions.

Then you will put your new knowledge into practice in a real-world sustainability ‘Challenge’ (10 EC). With a team of interdisciplinary students from all three universities you will take on a challenge provided by regional stakeholders from across public, private or civic spheres. For example, can you develop solutions to the housing crisis that simultaneously help cities in meeting their climate goals? Or can you create a plan for a business to make their supply chain practices more circular? Can you investigate policies to make sustainable technologies such as renewables or electric vehicles more broadly available to society?

This new programme will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to make a real contribution to a more sustainable society! 

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