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Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab 2023-2024
Sustainable Healthcare

Healthcare carries an important responsibility in maintaining the health of people, but also in ensuring a healthy environment for people to live in. Seven percent of the total carbon footprint of the Netherlands is related to the healthcare sector. To make the whole health care sector more sustainable, a drastic transition is needed. 


LDE Centre for Sustainability and Medical Delta are joining forces again in their mission to make healthcare more sustainable. 

Topics and theses

Last year, we challenged students to identify what steps can be taken today to make a hospital more environmentally sustainable. This year, we are pushing the challenge further. We are broadening our scope to the whole health care sector, looking beyond hospital walls. Knowing the steps that can be taken today, why are these not taken? What are the barriers, risks but also the opportunities in sustainable health care? We challenge you to write a call to action for hospital boards. What actions can hospital boards take to start their journey towards sustainable healthcare? The main question is:

What steps can be taken today to make healthcare more environmentally sustainable for our future? 

The Thesis Lab on Sustainable Healthcare gives you the opportunity as a master student to explore sustainability challenges with the guidance of experts in the field. We provide in-depth lectures and site-visits to deepen your knowledge and perspective. Your collaboration with peers will speed up the learning process. The aim of this thesis lab is to recommend solutions for relevant stakeholders. Therefore, your work will lead to real impact on a more sustainable healthcare sector.

Topics and theses

In this thesis lab, we run a pilot program in collaboration with Hogeschool Rotterdam and admit its students as well.

Enrolment for the academic year 2023-2024 is closed.

    "Action must be taken now. From a healthcare perspective, we face a challenge to combat climate change. That change is needed is clear. "

    - prof. dr. Frank Willem Jansen, president Medical Delta. 

    Lab Sustainable Healthcare
    Lab Sustainable Healthcare

    Program 2023/2024

    With a team of students you will work on the challenge. There are eleven bi-weekly sessions during which you will meet professionals and academic experts, follow workshops, lectures and join excursions. You’ll learn from other students, confront ideas and exchange methodologies. You will write your master thesis, meanwhile creating an interdisciplinary result for the challenge you all work on together.

    Lab program

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    Medical Delta, partner and case holder in this Lab , brings together three universities, two university medical centers, four universities of applied sciences, governments, companies, healthcare institutions and other parties in the province of Zuid-Holland. Together they work on scientific programs and Living Labs.