Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab 2023-2024
Sustainable and just landscape transformation in South Holland


The South Holland region (more or less demarcated by the administrative borders of the province of South Holland) is a densely populated and highly productive region with a strong economy and many ecological and social resources and challenges. In this thesis lab, we focus on how the region can be transformed in a just and sustainable way.



With the Province of South Holland and ACCEZ we will be working on a new challenge transforming towards a more sustainable and socially just (rural) landscape in South Holland.

thesis Topics

In this thesis lab we focus on the sustainable transformation of the landscape in South Holland that is related to the following main question:

What are possibilities and challenges for transforming towards a more sustainable and socially just (rural) landscape in South Holland?

The question will be addressed by focusing on what transformation means for future and current generations and explicitly on the role innovative professionals, entrepreneurs and organized civil society groups who are active in the field of agrifood and landscape transformation. 

Thesis Topics 

Enrolment for the academic year 2023-2024 is closed.

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    Program 2023/2024

    With a team of students you will work on the challenge. There are eleven bi-weekly sessions during which you will meet professionals and academic experts, follow workshops, lectures and join excursions. You’ll learn from other students, confront ideas and exchange methodologies. You will write your master thesis, meanwhile creating an interdisciplinary result for the challenge you all work on together.

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    In the dynamic realm of landscape transformation, the province of South Holland emerges as a significant actor, spearheading a visionary program known as the ‘Zuid Hollands Programma Landelijk Gebied’ (ZH-PLG). Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, South Holland is a province brimming with diversity, juxtaposing urban cores with vast rural expanses. At the core of this transformation lies the commitment to justice and sustainability in the evolution of its landscapes.


    ACCEZ is an organization dedicated to facilitating and supporting sustainable transitions in various sectors. Their mission is to assist individuals and businesses in addressing the pressing need for sustainability and innovation. Here’s a brief explanation of what ACCEZ aims for and their role in driving landscape transformation.


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