Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab 2023-2024


The aerospace sector ​makes​ an important contribution to society and the current world economy. With an increase in air traffic, the impact on the environment also grow​s​. Aviation can be considered responsible for approximately 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. The IATA target is set at net-zero carbon emissions for 2050 and defines together with other environmental targets (e.g. the SDGs) the challenging framework of decarbonization aviation. 



With Airbus Netherlands and Airbus Central Research & Technology we will be working on a new challenge focused on transforming technology, digital innovations, and alternative business models towards sustainable aerospace.

Topics and theses

This Thesis Lab will focus on all aspects around future technologies, digital innovations and business models for a decarbonised aviation scenario. The entire product life cycle will be considered. In the lab we examine how bio-based materials can be used in aircraft components and what consequences these materials have for the supply chain, both in production and end-of-use of the parts. Furthermore, we will examine how digital technologies can contribute to the development of new materials, production techniques and supply chain monitoring.  The main question of this thesis lab is: 

How can technology, digital innovations, and alternative business models push towards sustainability targets in aerospace?

For the implementation of such innovations, we will examine how uncertainties in various simulations propagate during the development process. But also what the role is of alternative business models and how such innovations find acceptance in the organisation.  To evaluate the effects of changes in design, materials and business models, a real-time LCA model for aircraft is sought, as well as circularity indicators and KPIs to use in guiding management decisions and business models. 

Topics and theses

Enrolment for the academic year 2023-2024 is closed.

    With the work of students we can work out ‘pieces of the puzzle’ needed to make progression with our development projects.

    - Barend Ording, Airbus Netherlands

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    Program 2023/2024

    With a team of students you will work on the challenge. There are eleven bi-weekly sessions during which you will meet professionals and academic experts, follow workshops, lectures and join excursions. You’ll learn from other students, confront ideas and exchange methodologies. You will write your master thesis, meanwhile creating an interdisciplinary result for the challenge you all work on together.

    Lab program

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    In the previous Lab students gave us valuable interdisciplinary inspired insights, combined with well analyzed new technology opportunities, some of them we are now investigating for further implementation in our work.

    - Christian Weimer, Airbus, Central Research Technology (CRT)

    Inspiration and results 

    Get inspired and check the results of previous Labs about sustainable aviation.