Training multidisciplinary leaders and system thinkers


Educate multidisciplinary leaders

We respond to the demand from industry, governments and civil society for a new generation of innovative experts. We do this by educating transformational leaders, system thinkers and system engineering experts who can bridge the gap between the individual core disciplines.

Broaden existing programmes

You can find an overview of all Bachelor and Master programmes that are being delivered at the three universities that have a strong relation with the overall themes of the Centre for Sustainability. Our aim is to expand and intensify joint educational efforts.

Develop Life Long Learning paths

Life Long Learning requires an approach of strong partnerships between public authorities, higher education institutions, students, employers and employees. We invite you to get involved, share your knowledge and get educated.

MSc Programme Industrial Ecology

The successful MSc Programme in Industrial Ecology (IE) is the first joint Sustainability master’s programme of TU Delft and Leiden University, including contract education from Erasmus University. It is one of the few sustainability programs in the world in which technical, natural and social sciences are integrated. We are exploring possibilities to further extend the collaboration with Erasmus University.

MOOC Circular Economy

In co-creation with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation we have developed afree, self-paced MOOC on the Circular Economy. Participants can learn how to contribute to a sustainable economic system by implementing novel business and design approaches. In the course several topics are explored, such as: business value in a circular economy, remanufacturing, and redesigning waste.