Science based solutions for a circular economy
We develop science based solutions for a circular economy
Together with researchers, students and society

In our knowledge and innovation hubs, we connect students from three universities with research questions that are directly connected to external stakeholders like municipalities and companies. Students have the opportunity to write a master thesis with impact in an interdisciplinary environment!  

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The Inclusive City Hub

Inclusive city hub

In the Inclusive City Hub we approach the circular economy from a social perspective with a focus on inclusiveness. 

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The Resilient City Hub

Resilient City Hub

The Resilient City Hub takes a systematic approach to sustainable urban development and future proofing cities.

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The Greenport Hub

Greenport Hub

In the Greenport Hub we research how we can feed a growing world population in a healthy and sustainable way.  

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Circular Economy Activities Map

Find out about Master Programmes, Minors and other activities within the universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam.

Circular Economy Map

Check out our Circular Economy Map! 

Living labs:  Put your knowledge into practice! 


Join our festival lab DORP and work together with students from different disciplines, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists on sustainable innovations. 

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