Winners of the Art Contest: The Next Ten Years in Sustainability

Here it is, the three winners (and our mystery winner, elected by the jury) of our Art Contest(!!) 

We are so impressed, proud and inspired by all the students who participated in our Art Contest! It was truly heart-warming to see your works and it gave us hope for what lays ahead: in “The Next 10 Years of Sustainability”. 

Our first winner is Isabel Boogers, who made a thought triggering piece through “krita”, a digital drawing software. The artwork reflects on the production of animal products such as dairy and meat that take a huge toll on our planet. It raises awareness of the impact of feedstock farming on the environment, focusing on plants as a way forward to a future sustainable diet. 

Our second winner has collaborated with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to create her piece, which creates visual representations of a text input. The AI program created this cryptic visualisation in response to the input "The Next 10 Years in Sustainability". Using the technique of collage, Lia Lyutalova has created a physical replica with recycled materials such as magazines, juxtaposing the digital creation with a more traditional form of art-making. Her work intends to shed light on an emerging side within the field of sustainability - the use of AI technology - which can help us accelerate the transition towards sustainable goals within the next 10 years.  

Our third winner dove into the sustainability of the art practice in itself while creating a fascinating piece that represents the blur surrounding the possibilities of the Next 10 Years in Sustainability. Helen Schötz used an old kitchen cabinet door which was left after renovations. The paints are all second-hand acrylics, handed down through family and friends. To avoid acrylics’ micro plastics to run into the water system, brushes weren't washed but used on another series. When it comes to the figure itself, the motif is confusing and not easily decipherable which represents the uncertainty the artist feels towards our planet’s future. It is stuck between two walls, attempting to continue a jump. This is a metaphor, representing the desire to create change and progress but being stuck by outside forces. 

The mystery winners, Elise chalcraft and Silke Jonk, cast their minds forwards and imagined words and illustrations that could describe the next 10 years of sustainability. Their work emerged from the realisation that words do not (yet) exist to describe the things we feel, experience, and happen in our (future) world, hampering our conversations and our abilities to understand each other. So they decided to invent their own words. The words describe feelings, imaginative props, and syndromes to describe the next 10 years of sustainability. 

If you want more information about the artworks or if any of those topics trigger some interrogations, send us a message!

Thanks again to all participants, the jury and all the voters, it truly meant a lot to us to see so many of you participate on this project!

By LDE CfS Students