“The Future of Circular Online Shopping: Opportunities and Challenges” with Jesse Weltevreden (Professor Digital Commerce at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

The Circular Industries Talks are organized every second Wednesday at the Circular Industries Hub. In this edition,  Jesse Weltevreden, Professor Digital Commerce at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, talks about the future of circular online shopping: opportunities and challenges. Curious for more? Take a look at the recording at the bottom of this page.  

Changing consumer behaviour is key for a cirular future!"

Jesse Weltevreden

In their talk (presented by Jesse Weltevreden), Nicole Stofberg and Jesse Weltevreden emphasized that "Changing consumer behavior is key for a circular future!" They shared results from a comprehensive survey of Dutch consumers, highlighting a growing concern for sustainability amidst rising overall consumption. The survey revealed varying levels of engagement in circular behaviors, such as rethinking, reusing, and repairing. They stressed the need for action across four key phases of the product lifecycle: design, sales, use, and recycling. The presentation underscored the critical role marketers must play in driving sustainable e-commerce to resolve this dilemma and promote circular consumption practices.

Curious about the whole story? Listen to Jesse in the Circular Industries talks.

The Circular Industries talks

The goal of the Circular Industries talks is to share knowledge across Leiden, Delft and Erasmus and to complement and deepen the knowledge already available within the Circular Industries Hub. The talks are organized on Wednesday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. The talks are online (Microsoft Teams).