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Sustainable Business Battle - The kick-off event

The Sustainable Business Battle Leiden-The Hague is a 6-week business case challenge in which 10 interdisciplinary teams each with 3 students from Leiden University and Universities of Applied Sciences in Leiden and The Hague will compete to find the most sustainable, innovative and at the same time implementable solution. Students will be matched with one organization for who they will solve a business case.

On Saturday May 13th, the SBB kick-off took place in one of Leiden’s most innovative spaces: the Hubspot! During the kick-off students were introduced to their soon-to-be teammates and enjoyed lectures by the vice-rector magnificus of Leiden University, Hester Bijl, and director of Ugenda, Marjan Minnesma. According to Hester Bijl:

Centre for Sustainability enables multidisciplinary collaboration between three universities, leading to unique sustainable projects and innovation

After the teams were formed, each participating company was paired up with to two student teams who will compete against each other. The winning student team will be invited to attend trainings hosted by one of the world’s largest and most prestigious consultancy firms, the Boston Consultancy Group (BCG). 

The kick-off is the first of a series of meetings, collaborations and presentations, in order for all parties to find a more sustainable business model and implement this as much as possible. 
Next step is the trainings day which will take place on Saturday, May 20th. 

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Sustainable Business Battle

Sustainable Business Battle

Urgenda Sustainable Business Battle