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Is your organization seeking science-based solutions for your sustainability challenges? The Sustainability Challenges program might be just what you need! Participate in a Sustainability Challenge and join forces with students to tackle real-life challenges that your organization is facing.  

The Sustainability Challenges focuses on improving or solving real-life sustainability cases provided by external organizations, including governmental institutions, companies, and NGOs. Working on these cases offer fresh perspectives and encouraging new connections. 

sustainability challenge

What are we looking for? 
We are looking for multiple real-life cases. Any member of an organization interested in commissioning a problem about environmental sustainability is eligible. The problem will be addressed by a team of four or five second-year MSc students from Industrial Ecology (TU Delft/Leiden University) or Governance of Sustainability (Leiden University).  

Please refer to the application form for more information about eligibility criteria, student involvement and tasks, and topic selection. 

Your contribution 
We ask commissioners from organizations to be available for the first meeting (in the first two weeks of September 2024), to meet regularly with the students every one or two weeks between September and January (2 to 4 hours a month), and to be available for a consult with the university supervisor for the final grading.  

Applications for the Sustainability Challenges 2024 are now open! You can submit your project until Monday, April 24th, 2024. Please note that the topic description must be submitted in English. 

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