Recap: Beyond Bitterballen - The Sustainability of the Dutch Food Supply Chain

Thanks to everyone that came on Monday the 2nd for the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability Students panel discussion on the sustainability of the Dutch food supply-chain at the iconic TU Delft Library. 

The four panelists gave a complete and diverse overview of the food supply chain - regardless of the last minute changes due to covid. Starting with Bram Tijmons from PATS, we got a (fun) view into the future of robotics in agriculture and pest management. Following, Erik Lauret from the giant SPAR International showed us best practices and raise the question of consumer choices. Straight after, Sanne Peeters our Product Developer at Greendish, brought our attention on conflicts and synergies between healthy and sustainable food.  As a closing, Fátima Delgado a lecturer in sustainable entrepreneurship pertaining to agri-food solutions gave us some perspectives on practices from the Global South that could be beneficial to the Dutch supply chain.

It was so great to see so many students engaging with the different speakers, enjoying waste free food from Food Sharing Delft. 

We cannot wait to see you at our next event(!!)