Circular cities
A revolution in sustainable urban systems

Public lecture by Joanna Williams "Circular cities: a revolution in sustainable urban systems"

On 18 September, visiting professor Joanna Williams gave the public lecture 'Circular cities: a revolution in sustainable urban systems' at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

In this lecture, Joanna Williams discussed the research presented in her book ‘Circular Cities: A Revolution in Urban Sustainability’ and joint research activities between UCL and the TU Delft on circularity in the built environment.

The lecture was followed by a discussion moderated by Ellen van Bueren, professor of Urban Development Management, and supported by the Faculty’s Circular Built Environment Hub.

Circular Cities: A Revolution in Urban Sustainability
The resource, biodiversity and climate crisis now facing humanity is daunting. Urban systems have played a central role in generating these problems. Cities consume 75% of the worlds’ resources and produce 50% of the worlds’ “waste”. However, modified urban systems could offer a significant part of the solution.

Circular development is a regenerative approach to the way in which we design, plan and manage urban systems. Resources are looped where possible locally; natural cycles are restored and ecosystems regenerated; communities are supported and infrastructure designed to become more adaptive. Circular development has the potential to help urban systems mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change; to reduce urban resource consumption and waste; and to rebuild humanity’s relationship with nature.

‘Circular Cities: A Revolution in Urban Sustainability’ defines the circular city and circular development. It explains the shift in focus from a purely economic concept, which promotes circular business models in cities, to one that explores a new approach to urban development. It discusses the implementation of these ideas in cities across Europe; the challenges faced in implementation and the levers for change.

About Joanna Williams
Joanna Williams is Professor in Sustainable Urban Development at the Bartlett School of Planning at University College London and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft. She is also the Director of the Circular Cities Hub. Williams is an expert on the topic of regenerative urban systems, circular cities and the relationship between space and the circular economy.

More information about the event:   "Circular cities: a revolution in sustainable systems"


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