Centre for Sustainability annual report

Our achievements in 2017 in one overview

2017 - the year that LDE Centre for Sustainability really took off!

This week is the Week of the Circular Economy. We would like to take this moment to reflect on what we have achieved at LDE-Centre for Sustainability. 2017 was the year that Centre for Sustainability (CfS) really took off. We saw:

  • the launches of the Greenport Hub and the Resilient City Hub  
  • the first 5 master’s students in the Inclusive City Hub graduating from their respective master's programmes
  • the start of the open research pilots with “Het Groene Hart Werkt” and “Central Innovation District (CID) to implement waste streams locally and to redevelop city areas based on inclusive and circular principles.
  • the making of new partnerships, networks and collaborations

...plus many more activities and accomplishments! 

To commemorate what has been a special year we have compiled an annual report! In the report, you can read about the progress we made last year as well as what the centre’s ambitions are for 2018.

We really look forward to the year ahead and hope you will join us to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. 

Read the report online

Alternatively you can find the PDF version under "Attachments"at the bottom of this page. 

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LDE-CfS Achievements 2017