"Opportunities for improving the sustainability of composite structures" with Rogier Nijssen (Hogeschool InHolland)

Every second Wednesday, the Circular Industries Talks are organised at the Circular Industries Hub. In this edition, Rogier Nijssen, lector composites at Hogeschool InHolland will be presenting his research, in his talk, titled: Opportunities for improving the sustainability of composite structures. Curious for more? Take a look at the recording at the bottom of this page.

Insights from the Circular Manufacturing Shopfloor 

Rogier Nijssen

At InHolland University of Applied Sciences, researchers in the field of composites are pioneering the creation of circular-economy-ready, bio-based materials crucial for the ongoing energy transition. Professor Rogier Nijssen is at the forefront of exploring the possibility of constructing wind turbines using mycelium. His innovative research delves into automating the manufacturing process of composite products.

Automation will significantly enhance productivity and streamline material certification. We believe this approach optimizes energy usage and reduces energy consumption during manufacturing.'

Mycelium, thriving on woody substrates, holds immense promise as an element in crafting composite sandwich structures. This pioneering work presents sustainable solutions for renewable energy infrastructure. Moreover, the team's research also delves into the chemical recycling of these components.

Curious about the whole story? Listen to Rogier Nijssen in the Circular Industries talks.

Watch it here

The Circular Industries talks

The goal of the Circular Industries talks is to share knowledge across Leiden, Delft and Erasmus and to complement and deepen the knowledge already available within the Circular Industries Hub. The talks are organized on Wednesday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. The talks are online (Microsoft Teams).