Newsletter 3 Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab: Circular Building Hub

When summer came around the corner in the Netherlands, the students of the circular building hub lab finished their thesis lab experience from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability. The lab was centered around a real-life case assignment focusing on the opportunities and challenges for a circular building hub in the region of South-Holland given by five caseholders: the municipality of Leiden, the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn, the province South-Holland, the economic development board of Alphen aan den Rijn en last but not the least branch organization Bouwend Nederland.

This circular building hub were to accelerate the transition towards a circular built environment. The lab was structured around a main question that has been addressed by all partners and students involved: "What are the potentials and limitations of a Circular Building Hub?". The last few months the students have worked together very intensively finding synergies to create an interdisciplinary result to be proud of.  As we all adhere to the lifelong learning principle (and differing time schedules of course) some students have changed their paths away from the Thesis Lab, some have finished their thesis already and are ready for the next steps that will follow while others are still working on their thesis. This final newsletter will start with an overview of the past activities. Then the interdisciplinary result will be shared together with the recommendations. Finally the newsletter will be rounding up with an evaluation and closing.