LDE CfS Students is looking for you!

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability Students is looking for you!

Who are we?

The LDE Centre for Sustainability Student Board is a student initiative appointed to be the student extension of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability. The LDE Centre for Sustainability aims to offer innovative and science-based solutions for the circular economy. Read more about the organisation here.

The LDE CfS student board consists of 6 students with different backgrounds, representing all three universities. Our common interest is to speed up the transitioning to a circular economy. We want students, researchers, companies and the government to join forces in a field where interdisciplinary collaboration is highly needed. We do this by organising events, like symposiums, lectures and expert panel discussions and thesis markets where students gain interdisciplinary experience and inspiration to do sustainable research projects and meet future employers and co-workers. We, our community, are the next generation, sustainability professionals.

Given the uncertainty of the current situation, applicants with exciting ideas on how to organize online events and familiar with inspiring the community through social media will be preferred. We encourage you to get creative in your application! 


    • Commitment of on average 6-10 hrs per week starting in September 2021 
    • Weekly meetings online or in The Hague starting September 2021 (depending on the COVID-19 regulations)
    • Participation in the Leiden, Delft and Erasmus introweek days (TBD in accordance with Dutch COVID-19 measures)

    What we offer:

    • A great opportunity to work with people with different knowledge but the same ideals
    • A financial compensation 
    • Freedom to explore your ambitions and ideas through organizing events and containing and expanding a sustainability community
    • Additionally, each member is assigned a specific function that comes with certain responsibilities and flexible tasks. We strive for diversity in national and educational backgrounds.  
    • Fun activities with your board, interesting drinks and meetings with the sustainability community

      As a board member of the LDE Centre for Sustainability student board, you have a two-fold function. The first part of your role consists of a representative function, where you act as the face of the organization and create several events per year in the city you represent. The second half is role-specific. Find below the description of the positions.

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      Function Details

        1. Creative Manager - Open for half a year (6 months) until February 2022

        If you take up the role of Creative Manager, you will be responsible for the posts, logos, posters, banners, and all other content relating to the image of the Centre for Sustainability students. Therefore visual communication, creativity, and good design skills are highly valued, as you have to create new content for our social media platforms. You will work together with the Social Media Manager to create inspiring posts to go on all our platforms. A design software (e.g. Illustrator/Indesign/Canva) will be your closest ally! With this position your role is to uplift the information, events, partners, and messages through visual means – hence we are looking for people with the following qualities and skills:

        • Design software savvy
        • Visual creativity 
        • Innovative thinking
        • Attention detail
        • Time management and planning skills
        • Bursting with new ideas 

        2. Treasurer - Open for half a year (6 months) until February 2022

        As Treasurer, you will be responsible for the general financial management and oversight of the yearly budget allocated to the board. You will prepare, and together with the board, facilitate the preparation of the annual budget allocated to the events you are planning to organize together. The beauty of being a treasurer for this board is that you can create and manage a budget admin file according to your own system. Next to this administrative role, you will be responsible for organizing educational, fun, sustainability-related events on your campus. Being a CfS board member will give you plenty of opportunities to organize, host, and join sustainability events and to expand your knowledge and network in Leiden, Delft, and Erasmus. We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

        •  Initiative mindset
        • Well-organized and eye for detail
        •  Good time management skills
        •  Excel skills for budget record keeping

        3. Social Media Manager - Open for a full year until August 2022

        In this position, you will be responsible for the text and content we post on our social media, so having good communication skills is key! Especially in the situation we all are in now, our social media will become even more important. Keeping people interested in sustainability and coming up with new creative ways to reach and engage the audience will be a major part of your role. Being skilled in video editing and design is a big plus! You will work together with the Creative Manager to create inspiring posts to go on all our platforms, and are responsible for the image of the Centre for Sustainability students, making sure that all our actions are in line with our ethos and mission. Therefore we are looking for someone who is:

        • A social media savvy
        • A team worker
        • Busting with new ideas
        • Structured

        4. Communication Manager - Open for a full year until August 2022

        As Communications Manager of the CfS student board, you will be responsible for supporting the board with administrative tasks, internal and external communication and correspondence. You will handle the student board’s mailbox and keep it organized by actively filing the emails. You will also be the main contact for external communication, so you will reach out to other green organizations for networking and possible collaboration. In addition, you will be responsible for organizing and hosting your own inspiring, sustainability events at your university in which you have a lot of freedom. Through the CfS board, you will be part of a fun, sustainable-minded community and have an unforgettable experience! We are looking for someone who has the following qualities:

        • Structured
        • A natural networker
        • Creative
        • Strategic and logical

        5. Event Manager - Open for a full year until August 2022

        The Event Manager assesses and coordinates the different events happening. Some of these tasks include keeping an overview of all the events, which you will critically assess and add value to; communicating with representatives of different universities and associations, and, to be active at events from our different partner associations. You will be the main mediator between the student ambassadors and the Centre for Sustainability Students board. Your role will be particularly relevant to these digital times! You will need creative ideas to organize online sessions and be skilled in online conference platforms.  We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

        • Networking and management skills 
        • Structured and critical
        • Social

            • Questions? Send us an e-mail or message us on LinkedIn. We are always willing to have a chat.


            Apply via this form

            Feel free to express your interests for more than one position. 
            For successful applicants, interviews will be held (online) between 14-28 June. 

            Deadline: June 13th, at 23:59