LDE CfS Student Board is Hiring!

Want to become a member of the LDE Centre for Sustainability Student Board? We can't wait to hear all about you! We are looking for a new Secretary and Creative Manager for a year long contract starting February 2022 (so you need to be studying until February 2023 to apply for the roles)

A bit more information about the roles: 


In charge of the organisation and running of the board, this role requires: 
- Strong organisational skills
- Excellent writing and communication skills
- Excellent time management 
- Proactive nature


Responsible for all creative forms including social media visuals, CfS merchandise design, this role requires:
- Creative visual work experience
- Proactivity to create media content 
- Organisation
- Collaborative nature

Please apply via the link below. Don't forget attachments! The data will not be shared with any other party than the Centre for Sustainability and also deleted after the application process is over so please fill in everything truthfully!

Apply here
If you have any questions, concerns, or problems (i.e. with uploading), please do not hesitate to contact us! You can message us on social media or send an email to ldecfsstudents@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing your application!
The CfSS board 21/22