Kennis In Productie (KIP)

In November 2020 the  ACCEZ project ‘Kennis in Productie’ (Knowledge in Production) in which LDE CfS was a partner ended. This project explored how a physical knowledge workplace in the Binckhorst Area (The Hague) can help implement concrete ideas to accelerate the transition towards a circular built environment. The interdisciplinary knowledge and work space brought together entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers. 

Shanon Peeters
Shanon Peeters

Shanon Peeters, who was involved as a student assistant from LDE CfS acknowledges that collaboration KIP offered the opportunity for different stakeholders to collaborate in an open way. 'The most important insight I gained in the past year while working at KIP is the importance of open discussions between different actors. There is a need for an exchange of knowledge and experiences, and this is where collaborations are formed. Open knowledge exchange and creative new solutions are key to moving towards circular urban development". Evelien van den Brink, accelerator in the KIP project, seconds that "KIP offered a neutral space where partners could find each other and collaborate".

Physical workspace KIP
KIP location in the Binckhorst

The team organized different activities including Lunch lectures, Knowledge Safaris and ‘KIP College’ lectures.The online ‘KIP College’ lectures formed the bridge between theory and practice and were a joint effort in which experts from different disciplines shared knowledge and experience about the circular built environment development. Participants were challenged to look at the human side of the circular economy, next the technical and practical side.

Lessons from the ‘KIP college’ lectures

  1. Allow yourself time to set feasible goals. 
  2. Focus on collaboration to create shared ownerships of new solutions.  
  3. Value authenticity. Learn from history and involve the original residents of the neighbourhood to ensure knowledge does not get lost. 
  4. Create an overview of the possibilities and barriers to further understand where there is room for change
  5. Use creativity as a tool to see the world differently and reflect on how individual activities can influence the mindset of the system. 

Further insights about the KIP will be shared in the talkshow 'Den Haag Draait door' organized by KIP and Kennismaken Den Haag (This event will be in Dutch). 

Date: January 21, 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 13.00-14.30 

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Subsidy partners: ACCEZ, I’M BINCK, the municipality of The Hague, and LDE Centre for Sustainability.



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