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Highlighting: The Circular Composites Design Guide by Jelle Joustra

As society, industry, and education move towards a more sustainability-focused future, circularity is becoming a more central idea in the field of design. Inspired by this movement, Jelle Joustra, post-doc at TU Delft faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and academic coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab Circulaerospace, published a design guide: Circular Composites: A design guide for products containing composite materials in a circular economy. We are excited to share his guide and highlight the Circulaerospace Thesis Lab, wherin aerospace and circular design find each other.

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Circular Composites: a design guide for products containing composite materials in a circular economy serves as a guide to designers who want to contribute with innovative and effective solutions. Circular recovery strategies, ranging from reuse to restructuring and recycling, are connected to the design process and concrete design approaches. By providing clear design guidelines and illustrative examples in a structured way the information is readily accessible and applicable to designers.

Circular Composites is published by TU Delft Open Publishing.


Can the design guide also be applied to the field of aerospace? That's what we aim to discover in this year's Circulaerospace Thesis Lab with Jelle Joustra as the academic coordinator. There certainly are a lot of overlaps in the aims and principles set out in the book.

Read more about the Circulaerospace Lab here.

Jelle Joustra

About the author

Jelle Joustra works as a PostDoc candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft. His research focuses on design strategies for composite products in a Circular Economy. This year, Jelle will be collaborating with the LDE Centre for Sustainability as the academic coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Thesis Lab Circulaerospace. 


Circular Composites Design Guide - Student example (1.52 MB)
Circular Composites Design Guide - Modularity (1.5 MB)