Event IHS - Collaboration and Co-creation for Liveable Cities

This year, IHS is celebrating a major milestone - its 65th anniversary. As a part of the EUR community, IHS invites students, staff, partners and remarkable urban experts to look ahead at the future of urban education and practice, and reflect on how knowledge institutions like IHS can work on making cities better places. The event takes place at 26 October from 14:00-16:00 in the Erasmus Paviljon at the EUR and it is still open for registration!

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The event has two main sessions with international urban experts. The first session focuses on collaboration and co-creation and especially on how (international) knowledge institutions can collaborate with other partners to increase impact. The second session focused on how IHS, as an (international) urban knowledge institute, is responding to constantly and rapidly changing urban challenges. Saskia Ruijsink, LDE CfS Cities & Regions theme coordinator and former IHS staff, will moderate the second session.