DAN-CE 5: The Circular Economy (un)Limited

A circular economy is not fair by definition and does not contribute to more wellbeing automatically. While making our economy and companies circular, we cannot continue to grow, to prevent a major increase in material use and environmental impact.

During DAN-CE 5 we will focus on the question: what does a fair circular economy that operates within social and planetary boundaries look like? And how do we get there? 
Can a circular economy go hand in hand with continued growth, and/or is a sustainable world only possible with ‘post growth’ and a ‘steady-state economy’? Trying to establish a fair circular economy: how does change come about? Will the tools of transition management really lead us to a fair, sustainable and circular future or do we need more revolutionary spirits? How do we create critical mass for change and what role do individuals play? What can we learn from past revolutions and transitions?

We want to work towards a new narrative, needed to discuss the limitations of existing economic models and the opportunities of alternative economic models, as well as about the research that is needed to understand the factors that lead to change - and about the question how much room for manoeuvre regional governments have.  

The steering group of DAN-CE warmly welcomes you.
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