"Charting the Course to Sustainable Maritime Solutions" with Paul De Salve (Segula Technologies)

The Circular Industries Talks are organised every second Wednesday at the Circular Industries Hub. In this edition, Paul de Salve de Bruneton, Naval Architect & Project Manager at Segula Technologies Naval Design Office explains the technical side of his company's project, in his talk, titled: Charting the Course to Sustainable Maritime Solutions. Curious for more? Take a look at the recording at the bottom of this page.

Insights from the maritime industry

Paul de Salve de Bruneton

At Segula Technologies Naval Design Office, engineers and designers have constructed the first hybrid electric/bioCNG (compressed natural gas) freight boat also equipped with also solar panels. The Green Deliriver project promises to help reduce the impact of deliveries of goods to urban centers by making efficient use of fuels and provide an alternative to road transport.

BioCNG is a short-term solution available to help us achieve a more renewable transportation system.'

Biogas is often derived from the anaerobic digestion of organic materials such as agricultural waste, sewage, or certain crops. If the biogas is then used to produce compressed natural gas (CNG), it could be considered more environmentally friendly compared to traditional natural gas extracted from fossil fuels.

Curious about the whole story? Listen to Paul de Salve de Bruneton in the Circular Industries talks.

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The Circular Industries talks

The goal of the Circular Industries talks is to share knowledge across Leiden, Delft and Erasmus and to complement and deepen the knowledge already available within the Circular Industries Hub. The talks are organized on Wednesday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. The talks are online (Microsoft Teams).