CBE Webinar 'Professional Stakeholders as Co-Creators of Knowledge

On Wednesday 25 January 2023 from 10.30 - 12.00, Saskia Ruijsink, coordinator of the LDE CfS Cities Hub and researcher for the Resilient Delta Initiative, will share her experience designing a training programme for professionals called Integrated Urban Development, in the CBE Webinar 'Professional Stakeholders as Co-Creators of Knowledge'. So far,  this course has been successfully implemented three times in Rotterdam municipality.

What will you learn?
You will learn why the underlying place-based approach is expected to contribute to integrating various sources of knowledge. Additionally, we will explain how the training has been designed, implemented and evaluated. We will discuss that learning is a continuous process for professionals, and together we will seek means to do this effectively.

Saskia Ruijsink has developed the course with Ruth Höppner from Veldacademie. Saskia started in September 2022 with a research project funded by the Resilient Delta Initiative. This research explores how the collective ability of stakeholders to meaningfully integrate knowledge, viewpoints, needs and stakes in place-based approaches can be strengthened. 

Free of charge for anyone working at 4TU universities or RU Groningen

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