LDE Courses working with real life sustainability cases

LDE Centre for Sustainability is the broker for real-life sustainability assignments for Leiden-Delft-Erasmus bachelor and master courses, minors and master theses. Depending on your question we look for the best match. Below you find some examples of LDE-courses we collaborate with.  

Sustainability Challenge

  • Master course: Sustainability Challenge 
  • Start: September 
  • Duration: five months 
  • Master program: Industrial Ecology (Leiden, TU Delft) or Governance of Sustainability (Leiden) 
  • Topic: 4-5 students work in teams on a real-world environmental sustainability problem. Topics are related (but not limited) to waste management, urban/infrastructure development, consumer products, food waste, plastics in the environment, nutrients cycling, biodiversity, ecosystem services, renewable energy, water and agricultural management and more. 

Deadline to hand in assignments: May 28th 2021 

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