Circular Industries Talks

Join us every two weeks, on the 'Circular Industries Talk': a webinar inviting academics, industry experts and governmental institutions to exchange knowledge on topics such as resource use, resilient, responsible and sustainable supply chains, innovations in material technology and product design, transition management and more. The talks are open to everyone, so please do not hesitate to join, inspire and get inspired!

What are the challenges faced by the industry when it comes to becoming circular? How to rethink products, material use and disposal? How to stay resilient in times of perturbation? How will businesses be impacted by coming legislation on circularity? What solutions are being developed or already available?

With the “Circular Industries Talks”,  we bring together experts from academia, research institutes, established companies or start-ups, to share their insights and knowledge on multidisciplinary aspects of the transition to a circular industry. The worlds of technology, environmental sciences, economics and governance come together to discuss challenges and opportunities and learn from one another. From new windmill blades designs or recyclable solar panels and car batteries, to a sustainable organic chemical industry, without forgetting the business and social aspects of our energy transition, a multitude of topics are brought up and discussed.

Do you feel like sharing the results of your research, a revolutionary idea, a significant achievement within your company, but maybe also difficulties you encounter in your efforts toward circularity, then do not hesitate, join our talks!

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