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More about the Dutch PhD-CE Network

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Overarching goal

  • Overarching goal to increasing quality, outreach, and relevance of circular economy research.

Developing better research skills

  • Giving & receiving valuable feedback for project improvements from circular economy academics.
  • Expanding knowledge through senior researchers’ input, e.g. guest speakers, workshops, mentoring.

Creating a network

  • Connecting junior CE researchers with each other: allow for formal discussions and exchange, offer an open and inclusive platform for personal support, e.g. talking about PhD challenges; meet like-minded researchers through informal social activities (e.g. excursions).
  • Connecting junior CE researchers to more senior researchers in the field.

Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations 

  • Dissemination of knowledge, methods, etc. across fields.
  • Synergies resulting from input and ideas of different fields.
  • Finding hot spots for research across disciplines.

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