Addressing (the urban dimension of) the Nitrogen challenge

Nitrogen is one of the planetary boundaries that are under immense pressure in the Netherlands and in the region Zuid Holland. The situation has resulted in the Nitrogen Crisis and since 2022 there is even a dedicated minister for Nitrogen in the Dutch parliament. While there seems some consensus that the crisis requires a holistic, integrated and area based approach, it remains challenging to make this a reality.

The Cities Hub wants to contribute to the Nitrogen debate, by channeling knowledge concerning integrated and area based approaches and by using a doughnut economy inspired lenses. It does this in collaboration with the Agrifood Hub.

Cities Hub Initiative

As partner in the ACCEZ programme the LDE CfS has started a research project focusing on addressing the nitrogen crisis, including other inter-related sustainability challenges in Zuid Holland. We work with a transdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder area based approach.