DORP - The Circular Economy Village

DORP - The Circular innovation hotspot of Europe

Interdisciplinary research 
DORP is the place for interdisciplinary research, experiments and innovation in the field of Circular Economy. For ten days, we bring together scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, students, experts and coaches, each with their own expertise and perspective on the world. In interdisciplinary teams they work on challenges, defined by different partners, before and during the festival Welcome to the Village in Leeuwarden.  We organize cross-pollination between teams and provide experts, inspiration and coaches. This makes DORP a powerful way to educate and train professionals for the transition towards a circular economy. 

DORP is a collaboration of different organisations and institutions. Click here to see the full list of partners. 

Festival as micro society 
We challenge ourselves to build a fully circular festival, because we believe that a festival is like a micro society where we face the same challenges as in our contemporary society.  Because of its temporary nature and its scale, a festival is the ideal place to experiment and test with new technological and social innovations. 

The festival enables the DORP participants to test ideas and concepts directly on the audience of the festival Welcome to the Village

DORP is open for all kind of professionals and students interested in Circular Economy! Deadline for application is May 1st 2017. The registration for participants is closed now. We are still looking for interesting challenges! Contact Fenna Plaisier at

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