[DELFT] Lunch Lecture Long-term energy planning in sub-Saharan Africa

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Chip Hall (Faculty of EWI), Mekelweg 4

During a free lunch on June 20th, Dr. Edo Abraham, Associate Professor of Water & Control Systems at the Water Management Department, TU Delft,  will give a presentation about 'Synergizing land, water and energy resources in long-term energy planning for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa'.

Topics that he will discuss:

  • Challenges and opportunities that arise in energy planning with land and water resource constraints, especially with transboundary basins and nascent regional power markets. 
  • Two examples where we integrate land and water resources within energy planning through technologies such as pumped hydro storage and floating photovoltaics.
  • How the EPIC Africa project uses a CLEWs (Climate-Land-Energy-Water) framework to address issues of enhancing energy reliability, resilience to climate impacts, and the sustainability of energy pathways with examples of the Nile, Tana, and Volta basin countries.
  • EPIC’s participatory transition management approach to embed citizens' values in the project partner countries. 

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