[DELFT] Student Summit Flying Vision

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TU Delft Campus


Do you want to contribute to shaping the future of flight? Come join an inspiring day throughout the campus to learn about current cutting-edge research happening within different faculties of the TU Delft. Together, you will ask ourselves questions like: what is the future of aviation going to look like? And what is needed to make sustainable aviation possible? 

On this day, you will cross our campus from north to south by bike and catch up on several presentations and research facilities along the way. 

You are going to visit research facilities at the faculties of TPM, IDE, ME, TNW and AE. For example, the nuclear reactor laboratory, AE rooftop laboratory, SAM XL composite welding laboratory, Flying-V model presentation including SIMONA simulator demo and more. You will end our journey with a panel discussion with several players in the aviation industry like Airbus 


Website GreenTeam AE: https://www.tudelft.nl/greentu/greenteams/ae 

Instagram GreenTeam AE: https://www.instagram.com/greenteam_ae/