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[LEIDEN] Symposium on interdisciplinary collaboration

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Leiden University, Academic Building (Telders Auditorium), Rapenburg 73, Leiden

'We need to collaborate more!' is something that's often said across university.  But how do we get there? What's our approach? How do we find time to collaborate? How do we find the right collaboration partner? How do we secure funding? There are so many questions, but thankfully we don’t have to find all the answers on our own.

Symposium for Leiden staff

We already learn a lot from each other. After all, we currently have nine interdisciplinary research programmes across our university. How have they fared? What's going well? What could be improved? And what could we all learn from our colleagues working on these programmes?

This symposium is designed for all Leiden University staff:

  • colleagues who have applied for/received an interdisciplinary research seed grant;
  • colleagues linked to interdisciplinary research programmes;
  • colleagues who want to increase their interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • colleagues who collaborate with other internal and external parties.

This is an English-language event.

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