The Circular Economy (un)Limited

[LEIDEN] DAN-CE 5:The Circular Economy (un)Limited

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PLNT, Leiden

A circular economy is not fair by definition and does not contribute to more wellbeing automaticly. During DAN-CE 5 we will think about the question: what does a fair circular economy that operates within social and planetary boundaries look like?
Can a circular economy go hand in hand with continued growth, or is a sustainable world only possible with ‘post growth’ and a ‘steady-state economy’? How can a circular economy contribute to broad prosperity? How do we establish such an economy, while also leaving room for developing countries to achieve an acceptable level of prosperity? Shouldn’t we link circularity to a redistribution of income and GDP per capita? What does all this mean for the Netherlands and the regions? Could we serve as an example for others? And: how does change come about? Will the tools of transitionmanagement really lead us to a fair, sustainable and circular future or do we need more revolutionary spirits? What can we learn from past revolutions?
Program will be announced and registration will start in October.