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IJmond Hackaton on going circular and creative on industrial stuff

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Telstar/Buko stadium IJmuiden

This hackaton is part of the European project: www.upcycleyourwaste.com or www.greenbizijmond.nl/circular. In this hackaton we are looking for new applications/products for a number of interesting waste streams that are released in the IJmond region. Six groups of 4 persons each will see what they can do with residual materials from the industry (such as hoist belts).

We invite about 24 people in groups of 6 at the Telstar/Buko stadium in IJmuiden. We have selected a number of interesting raw materials. During the day the participants will be motivated to show their most creative side. But ultimately it is also the intention that the ideas come out as realistic / feasible as possible so that the idea
- Has market potential
- Can be produced locally
- Is scalable. Within the IJmond region or beyond?
- Made by people with a disadvantage on the labour market. 
The ideas are presented to a professional jury, consisting of circular entrepreneurs from the IJmond region. The winning group will receive a fully catered afternoon out at 'The Plastic Whale' in Amsterdam.
Catering during the day will be taken care of. 
If you would like to join, please send a mail to: j.h.welink@tudelft.nl
Telstar/Buko stadium IJmuiden
Telstar/Buko stadium IJmuiden